Take advantage of personal training to refine your skills, check-in on your wellness markers or drop-in for a class when you're in town!


Power & Strength

This power & strength program is complementary to CrossFit Future’s overall functional fitness training program. This approach is designed to protect your CrossFit goals while driving strength numbers up.






This is a Crossfit Future‘s drop-in pass for visiting CrossFit athlete




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Melly Miller

Hi! I am Melly Miller, a Precision Nutrition Certified Performance Nutrition Coach. I grew up in Columbus and received my Bachelor’s of Science from Ohio University. Since graduating, I’ve worked as a registered nurse on the Burn Unit & in the NICU. I  have always been an active, sports-playing, weight-lifting machine. A few years ago, I discovered CrossFit and found my niche in the fitness world… Now I coach nutrition for athletes, moms, night shift nurses, truck drivers, 9-5’ers, you name it. My pastime is fitness but my passion is helping others achieve their healthiest version. As a nurse, I’ve learned the science behind nutrition and metabolism. As a crossfitter, I’ve learned the importance of fueling your fitness. If you’re curious about my coaching style, I’ve been told I explain every design I create in a person’s plan, changes I make, and that my candor is ‘refreshing.” If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to me via text, email, or instagram and we can set up a consultation at no cost. I can’t wait to coach you!






Gain perspective into your body composition & blood pressure numbers to create awareness & drive results




Personal Training

Work on specific skills & techniques with a custom program to drive results







This program is designed to work exclusively on strength in a personal training environment and will compliment accessory & standard class work. Designed as a M-W-F / 60-minute format, a personalized template and tracking tool along with weekly goal-setting sessions will drive these sessions and hold accountability. Group & team discounts available for up to 4 athletes per session.




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Future Cares Promotes Health & Wellness to Communities in the Greater Columbus Area by Providing Accessible Fitness & Nutrition Education. We are an Inclusive Group of Individuals with a Better Than Yesterday Mindset, Aiming to Equip our Communities with the Tools and Knowledge They Need to Live a Healthier Lifestyle.