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Gym Rats

Our Youth Training Program Designed for Ages 5-11 Years Old


Lynsey Blascak

Lynsey has been working with kids in her full time career since 2006. After starting CrossFit in 2013, fully immersing her own child into the culture; she saw the opportunity for her passions to work together. Teaching functional fitness to youth helps build a foundation for all sports in their future; also helping build their confidence and positive relationships.

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Russ Viall

Russ Viall has been immersed into CrossFit for 3 years and has been coaching the Gym Rats program for a little over a year now.  Russ is an IT professional by trade, but has a background in organized team sports at the High School level. He is the Father of a son and daughter, and loves being able to help kids work toward their goals.


Fiona Beri

Fiona started in CrossFit in 2009 when not many people had heard about it. She appreciates the different challenges/exercises that CrossFit throws at her with a huge focus on form and technique in order to sustain long term results in the gym and in life. She played all the sports in HS but mainly Varsity Basketball while also playing college club soccer. Her coach in basketball made a huge impact in her life with how he coached, it was not just about the game but he related it to life as well. She felt so empowered and encouraged every time she was out on the court or sitting on the bench. His coaching had always stuck with her and it led her to something she aspires to do... COACH! When the opportunity to be part of the Gym Rats coaching team arose it was a given for her to say YES!  Fiona also helps with the youth at her church further solidifying her role in the Gym Rats program. "They are our future, what we tell/sell/show them sticks and they will carry that on. When I coach first and foremost there is a TON of fun along with some discomfort, sweat, and life lessons."

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