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Competitor Class

Led By: Aaron Knisley & Mat Williams

Various athletes and coaches from the Future Performance Campus will lead a 2-hour session consisting of CrossFit Mayhem extra work as well as self-directed activity.


Open to All Interested in Competing or Pushing to New Levels of Performance

Designed to prepare for the CF Open as well as local competitions. This class will not be as much coached as it will be to show up and do the work. Coaching from resident experts and fellow athletes will occur naturally during this full session.

Typical Session:


  • 15-minute warm-up

  • WOD 1

  • Rest

  • WOD 2

  • Rest

  • WOD 3 / Partner

  • Cool Down


Formal Program Begins Sunday January 9th

  • Sundays 3-5P

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